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Hepatitis B


  • Hepatitis B is one of several viruses that can cause hepatitis (liver disease),16 and may result in a particularly severe form of hepatitis that can lead to liver cancer or death17
  • Hepatitis B is spread in the same ways as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS):
    • Intimate or sexual contact with an infected person
    • Exposure to traces of blood or blood-contaminated fluids (surgical, medical, dental procedures)
    • Sharing of unsterilized syringes and/or needles (including tattooing, body piercing, acupuncture, or cuts with razors and similar objects contaminated by blood)17


  • Avoid casual sexual contacts
  • Use latex condoms for every sexual contact
  • Never use needles and syringes used by other people
  • Never use another person's razor, shaver, or toothbrush
  • Don't get tattoos or have any part of your body pierced
  • Be certain of safety and screening of blood products such as transfusions18
  • Consult your health care professional about vaccination

Consult your travel physician for additional health information.

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  • Travelers spending more than 6 months in areas of the world where hepatitis B is prevalent should consider vaccination18
  • Travelers spending less time than this, who may be exposed to blood (for example, health care workers) or have sexual contact with local residents, should also consider vaccination16
  • Currently, there are several vaccines available in the United States. Individuals should consult their travel physician to determine which vaccine is right for them.18


If you find yourself in a non-emergency situation requiring blood transfusion, request to be flown home if blood cannot be adequately screened first.


Vaccines can help protect you from diseases that are still common in many parts of the world. Make certain you contact your health care provider and determine which vaccines you should receive before you travel.


There are combination vaccines that help protect against multiple diseases that may reduce the number of shots you need. Hepatitis B is included in these vaccines.


Diseases to Guard Against

When you’ve added your destinations, it is recommended that you take this list to your doctor so you can discuss relevant vaccinations before you travel.

Travel vaccines help protect you from illnesses present in other parts of the world, and help prevent the importation of infectious diseases across international borders. Which vaccinations you need depends on a number of factors, including your age, health status, and previous immunizations.


There are combination vaccines that help protect against multiple diseases that may reduce the number of shots you need.


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